The sneaker club for fast growing kids

EasyKicks is a one-of-a-kind subscription, designed to make parenting easier, while empowering kids to get outside and play. 

Why? Because kids grow fast, and wreck shoes. Join our waitlist and be the first to be notified when we re-launch!

Reintroducing EasyKicks

Our mission is to revolutionize the way parents shop for their growing and active kids. Our monthly subscription service is designed to simplify your family’s busy lifestyle, saving you time and energy. Originally launched in partnership with Nike, EasyKicks is being relaunched with an updated focus. 

Join our waitlist and be the first to be notified when we're ready to start accepting orders!

How it works

Three steps to get moving

EasyKicks makes buying kids shoes dead simple. Get started, and get moving in just three steps.

Sign up

Get shoes

Go play

We know each family looks a little different. That's why we've designed our plans to be flexible and customizable based on your needs. Pricing is set by the number of shoes you get per year. It works, whether you have one kid, or ten (or more).

Seasons change, but not nearly as quickly as kids grow. When you're ready for your next pair, just log on and select which shoes (and sizes) you want from our robust selection of everyday and season specific shoes. No hidden fees, no extra charges. 

In addition to shoes, each package comes with an activity pack to get your kids moving, which means you can sit back and relax.


Flexible plans designed to meet your needs

Best value!

Four shoes per year

Six shoes per year

12 shoes per year




Get shoes every 90 days

Get shoes every 60 days

Get new shoes every 30 days

Regardless of your plan, you can purchase additional shoes, gear, and clothing at preferred pricing plus free shipping.

You can cancel your plan at any time. 

Over 100 different styles to chose from, including:

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You've got questions. We've got answers. 

When will you launch?

We're hard at work, preparing to relaunch EasyKicks. We're hoping to be live before the end of 2022. By joining the waitlist, you'll be amongst the first notified when we launch. This will give you a chance to become a 'founding member,' which will entitle you to even more perks. 

Why is EasyKicks better than just regular ol’ shoe shopping?

EasyKicks takes the hassle out of finding, sizing and purchasing kids shoes - but the real magic of EasyKicks is so much more than that. 

Convenience - Not only will shopping for shoes become much easier for you by way of our curated shortlist featuring the coolest, cutest and best-rated kids shoes available but your kids will delight in the process too. Gone are the days of dragging your kid from store to store or scouring endless retail sites to find the right shoes in the right size. 

Kiddo Collaboration - Our site makes it possible for your kiddo to participate in their shoe selection by way of an age-appropriate, simplified scrolling screen showcasing their options. Don’t worry - we’ll help you skip the tears by only showing them what’s available in their size (and we’ll alert you when stock is low so you know to hustle on the order). And, to put your mind at ease, you have the option to prefilter for season, color and brand so your kiddo only sees the shoes you approve of and know they need. 

Delightful Delivery - Yes, shipping is always fast and free. But that’s just the beginning. EasyKicks offers your kiddo an unboxing experience that will make epic memories. When the custom delivery arrives to your home, you and your child will open the package to find a shoebox emblazoned with their name and their personally selected shoes inside. And, there will always be added surprises as well - it might be socks, premium stickers or an extra pair of laces. For kids, EasyKicks deliveries are, quite possibly, one of the greatest things ever. 

What are the benefits of an EasyKicks membership?

  • Super simplified shopping
  • Breezy budget management
  • Spot-on sizing
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Quick & easy exchanges
  • Feel-good sustainability support

In addition to these perks, EasyKicks members get first access to exclusive releases and special surprise perks along the way (like discounted pricing), and each box comes packed with activities to get your kids moving. You can change your plan as you need to, and of course, you can cancel at any time. 

How much does it cost?

EasyKicks offers three membership tiers with different frequency and pricing options so your kiddo stays fitted while your budget stays in the green. There are no additional costs outside of what you pay for your chosen membership plan. Shipping is fast & free. Exchanges are quick & easy. No commitment, no hassle. Cancel anytime, for any reason. 

Why is EasyKicks a good value?

Instead of breaking your budget a few times a year for back-to-school, winter boot or summertime shoe shopping, EasyKicks helps you manage your budget by spreading shoe costs evenly throughout the year. You can select your membership tier according to how quickly your kiddo goes through shoes. And given how reasonable pricing is across all tiers, you’ll feel great about the value. Plus, EasyKicks helps you avoid the added cost and regret of impulse purchases that your kiddo doesn’t need or may never wear. 

EasyKicks offers premium shoes at a fair and consistent price. While it’s always possible to find lower-quality, discounted shoes in unpopular colors or outdated styles, it’s a slippery slope that is likely to cost you more in the long run. EasyKicks focuses on offering proven-quality shoes in current, sought-after styles that will make you happy and will make your kiddo proud to wear to school, on the playground and around town.

How does EasyKicks ensure proper sizing and fit?

Given how you’ve been shopping for shoes up until now, you likely have a sense for your child’s current shoe size. On your first order, you’ll select the size your kiddo currently wears (leaving room to grow if you prefer). Included in your first delivery, you’ll receive a magnetized sizing tool which you can keep on the refrigerator to easily access when it’s time to order a new pair. The tool is very straightforward and easy to use so you can be assured you’re ordering the right size whether your kiddo is growing like a weed or taking things slow. Misplace the sizing tool? We get it, no sweat. Just drop us a note and we’ll send you a new one ahead of your next order. 

Because every foot and every shoe model is a little bit different, should your child find their selected shoe to be uncomfortable when trying them on, you can simply select a new option and we’ll exchange your initial pair for a replacement pair quickly and easily. 

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